Environmental Policy

We are aware that our business activities impact on the environment with our biggest impact being transport to and from client sites. We plan to minimise our carbon footprint by working towards the following objectives:-

  • Regularly service our vehicles to maintain optimum fuel efficiency
  • Check tyre pressures to maximise fuel usage
  • Route plan journeys to avoid unnecessary mileage
  • Use the internet, phone and email where possible
  • Encourage our employees to drive responsibly
  • Keep waste occurrences to a minimum
  • Re-use cardboard boxes as packaging
  • Recycle as much as possible when material can no longer be used.
  • Operate our back office activities in such a way, that energy is minimised and consumables consumption.
  • Maintain compliance with environmental agencies.

We encourage feedback on our environmental performance from interested parties. We communicate this Policy to employees and persons working on our behalf and make it publicly available. This Policy will be reviewed no less often than annually and updated as necessary.