Solar Thermal

Every day the sun pours more free energy onto the earth than we could ever use. And in the UK, even cloudy days allow sufficient energy for us to collect and utilize to help heat our water and produce electricity to use in our homes. 

Solar thermal panels harness this energy and use it to heat water. In the UK a well-designed water heating system can provide almost all the hot water for a home during the summer months and around 50-60% year round.

Harnessing the sun's free energy makes solar water heating systems  one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions available - reducing bills and carbon dioxide emissions.


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Martyn and his office were helpful when sorting out the relevant paperwork required to enable me to benefit from the feed in tariffs available.

I would have no hesitation in recommending his Company to anyone"

C. Portsmouth, Penparc

How Solar Thermal works

Solar thermal heating systems harvest the sun's energy through collector panels, typically mounted on your roof. The sun heats up fluid travelling in pipes embedded in the panels which is then pumped to a heat exchanger inside a water cylinder. There, the heat exchanger transfers the energy from the fluid to the water in the hot water tank.

A solar thermal system typically will provide 100% on sunny summer days and even around 10% on a cloudy, winter's day. The system need to also include a top-up boiler with a different energy source to make up for any shortfall.

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Diagram Showing How Solar Thermal Works

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